Nordic Hill Manor: Vacation Home Rental

  If you've ever been to Europe and feel like you want that "chateau in the country" feeling again, then come to Chateau Altra Vista Bed & Breakfast in Poulsbo.  Built on inspiration and hard work, the details and memories brought back from Bavaria and the Black Forest are hard to miss! 
   As you drive up the service road to the property, you'd never guess what sits at the top of the hill.  Greeted by a circular drive extending out of a nearly medieval tunnel near the turret, you will feel like you've entered a different time and place.

   Guests come here to think, to work, to play, to relax, to celebrate.

   What will it be for you?

   We are out and away from traffic and noise.  To enjoy events offsite and shop in our Little Norway and other towns around here, you will need your vehicle.  So if you're looking for a place to take a breath, relax away from hustle and bustle, make your reservation today.

   Breakfast is served on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings by our long-time House Manager, Audrey.  Guests love her and you will, too.

   For more current events and weekly posts, see our Facebook page where you'll also meet our llamas: Dolly Llama and Rama Llama

To check availability of rooms and pricing:
Please be advised of our Cancellation policy:  Effective 8/22/2016: If you must, please cancel as far in advance as possible. Cancellations after 2pm on day of check-in will be charged for the room that night.